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Waggle & Hum Honey - Jamie Llewelyn

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Jamie Llewellyn and his bees

Bees plus the wide-open countryside of Somerset: a marriage made in honey heaven.

Bees have been a major part of Jamie's life since he was a young lad. In fact, his love of bees got him in some hot bother when he was at school.

When he was 14, word reached him that bees were swarming near to his school. Tempted by the possibility of his own colony, he bunked off school and spent several hours collecting the swarm. His teachers were far from impressed, but Jamie was undeterred and although he was punished for truanting - his buzzing reward was worth it!

Jamie had already caught the bug for bees after a neighbour allowed him take an old hive and restore it.

Once he moved his swarm into the hive, he was hooked.

A Buzzing Career

But bee-keeping wasn't his first career. Previously, Jamie had forged new ground in medical equipment supplies and repairs - a job that took him around the world. But the bees were always his greatest passion, so in 2018 he took the plunge and started his own honey farm right here in Somerset.

Jamie now has more than sixty hives producing delicious local honey - made from heather, spring flowers, borage and blossom. Although this might seem like an idyllic vocation, there are many trials and tribulations involved in bee-keeping. Over the coming months, we'll be adding to this page to tell the story of Jamie and his bees through the seasons.

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