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Alexandra Naughton - Natural Skincare

Natural and ethically-sourced ingredients. Some even grown in her home town of Clevedon. Alex makes beautiful soaps, that cleanse and enrich.

Botanic Beauty

Alex has always got a buzz from botanics. Gardening, allotmenting, nurturing plants and wanting to know more about them. Her green-fingered passion soon grew into wide-eyed wonder, as she started to discover the incredible properties of plants.

Like many of us, Alex was baffled by the list of ingredients in 'natural' products. Names that sounded more chemicals than minerals and unpronounceable terms were a turn-off when it came to skincare. She wanted to create something that used the magical benefits of organic, botanical sources.. without the harsh or 'mystery' ingredients of many prestige brands.

So she turned her knowledge and skills to making natural soaps and skincare products. Using ingredients form her own allotment and sourcing the rest from the most natural and responsible sources she could find, she set about creating a soap range that smells as good as it feels.

Alex makes all her soaps by hand from her home in Clevedon. This small-batch approach means that she can ensure that every one is made with care to the highest standards.

Apart from the eco-credentials, we think these soaps are simply divine. Here at Pure Somerset Hamper Co., we like to just have a couple hanging around in the bathroom because their scents fill the space and turn an ordinary bathroom into a spa retreat.

We're so pleased to include Naughton's soaps in our hamper collection. Treat yourself or someone special to one of our Pamper Hampers and find out for yourself.

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