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Grace & Hartland - Skincare

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

[Grace & Hartland - a family affair! Look out for their stall at Clevedon Sunday Market]

Gorgeous skincare that cares for your body AND the planet. Grace & Hartland skincare is beautiful and eco-friendly. Double win!

Natural Beauty

Grace & Hartland is a small family-run business making natural skincare products based in Worle, North Somerset.

No longer wanting to buy products that contained harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives, they started out in 2018 simply making a few body butters for personal use.

Their interest in natural ingredients and what they could do for the skin grew, and they quickly became passionate about formulating and making more skincare products using only natural and plant based ingredients. These ingredients are pure and enriching oils, waxes, butters and essential oils, ethically sourced from UK companies.

They formulate all our own recipes, ensuring they meet strict skincare regulations and continue to hand make our products in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

Their aim is to provide 100% natural, vegan and eco-friendly alternative to mainstream products. That’s why they never add silicones, parabens, artificial colours or fragrances. The products they make do not contain water and therefore do not need excessive additives or preservatives. They add a natural anti-oxidant instead. Bonus!

In order to be more eco-friendly, they always refrain from using plastic packaging, choosing glass and aluminium instead.

We have one body and one planet, looking after them both with love and care is at the heart of Grace & Hartland’s ethos: love your skin naturally.

Grace & Hartland truly live by their high ethical and eco standards - and their products are simply gorgeous. We think you'll love them - and that's why we are super happy to include their fabulous Body Butter in our Pure Pamper Hamper.

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