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Hembridge Organics - Kerry Dodd

Updated: May 21, 2021

Organic loveliness, hand-crafted by Kerry... Turning excess crops into extraordinary preserves.

Kerry realised that organic farmers would often grow the same fruit and vegetables each season, resulting in a “glut” for the county.

Fruit and vegetables that were either too large or too ripe to fill veg boxes were discarded.

Hating waste, Kerry realised that this produce was ideal for making chutneys and jams.

Kerry spotted a gap in the market... Whilst Somerset seemed to have a plethora of jam and chutney producers, nobody seemed to be producing organic, local preserves.

Having a background in retail, but not a natural cook, Kerry turned to her other half for help, after all he had always made his own cider, beer and mead surely making jams and chutneys was not that much different? Well maybe.

After much alchemy, tweaking tastings, tears and tantrums, Hembridge Organics now boasts nine flavours. They have won national food awards and rightly so - their products are delicious.

They only use Soil Association certificated produce in our preserves. They do not use commercial pectin or any other additives, just using organic sugar as a setting aid. Local organic cider vinegar is used in the savoury products, making almost the whole range gluten free (except their excellent Alehouse Chutney) and vegan friendly.

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