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Easy Bean - Crackers & Crispbreads

Updated: May 11, 2021

Make beans great again. Or so the saying should go for Easy Bean. This small, innovative company is on a mission to make pulses pop!

The Pulse of Life

Christina Baskerville had a wholesome childhood. Brought up on a farm, with a fresh supply of eggs, apples, milk and home-reared meat and veg. It's no wonder that she's carried that lifestyle into later life - and into her fantastic company, Easy Bean.

After working Africa and Latin America, Christina was struck by the beautiful variety of beans, peas and lentils in local cuisine. But moreover, their incredible health and nutritional benefits.

She's a self-confessed 'bean fiend'.

Unfortunately pulses haven't always had the best rep. So Christina set out to 'give beans the culinary status they deserve'. She's created a range of mouth-wateringly good crackers and crispbreads made from, you guessed it, beans and pulses.

Not only are they totally delicious (hence their inclusion in our PURE SOMERSET HAMPER range), but during the growing process, many of these crops actually fertilise the ground by restoring nitrogen in the soil. Superfood and Superplant!

You can find Easy Bean products in our CLASSIC and PLOUGHMAN hampers.

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